Número especial SedecK 

"Glaciar Caves and Karst in Polar Regions"

6th International Symposium (Svalbard)

A. Eraso, C. Domínguez (eds.)

A. Eraso

The role of glacier stress on moulins geometry
G. Badino, L. Piccini

Some observations on the structure and morpholgy of an ice deposit in the "Abisso sul Margine dell'Alto Bregai" cave (Grigna settentrionale, Italian Alps)
M. Citterio, S. Turri, A. Bini, V. Maggi

Fresh water investigation in Grenfiord area (Svalbard)
E.V. Chevnina, O.N. Mendoza

Software for gaugin
M.C. Domínguez

Inverse relation between glacier discharge and conductivity in Australovenbreen glacier, Svalbard 79N
M.C. Domínguez, A. Eraso

Definition of the end discharge wave at the experimental pilot catchment area selected in the Austrelovenbreen glacier, Svalbard 79N
M.C. Domínguez, A. Eraso

Glaciological investigations in the ablation area of Tyndall glacier, Patagonia
M.C. Domínguez, A. Eraso

Importance of discharge in subpolar glaciers: experimental catchment area at Collins glacier in King George iceland
A. Eraso, M.C. Domínguez, M. Moskalevsky

Two year increase -summer periods- of discharge at COllins glacier in King George Island
A. Eraso, M.C. Domínguez, A. Lluberas

Annual wave of glacier discharge in the Collins subpolar icecap in King George island
M.C. Domínguez, A. Eraso, A. Lluberas

Necessary strategy to study glacier discharge continuously: pilot catchment areas implemented in Iceland
A. Eraso, M.C. Domínguez, S. Sveinn Jónsson

Implementation of experimental pilot catchment areas for the study of the discharge of subpolar glacier
A. Eraso, M.C. Domínguez

About subglaciar water channels in polythermal glaciers(abstract)
J.O. Hagen

20th century galciospeleology in the USA. An overview
W.R. Halliday

Holocene glacier recessions on Svalbard inferred from readiocarbon dates of mosses found in englaciar meltwater channels (abstract)
A. Hormes

Natural modeling of channels in cold ice
E.V. Isenko, B.R. Mavlyudov, R. Naruse

Study of outlet Lange Glacier, King George island ice cap, South Shetland Island, Antartica
Y.Y. Macheret, M.Y. Moskalevsky

Comparasion of cold and temperate galciers caves
B.R. Mavluydov, I.Y. Solovyanova

Drainage system of Aldegonda glacier, Spitsbergen
B.R. Mavluydov, I.Y. Solovyanova

The dynamics of Fridtjovbreen glacier, Svalbard, in the last century (abstract) 
M.Y. Moskalevsky, V.G. Osokin, V.G. Zakharov

Glaciar caves under improved speleological point of view (abstract) 
J. Schroeder

Fungal life in the glaciers?
S. Sonjal, P. Zalar, A. Plemenitas, N.G. Cimermanm

Channel pattern and geometry of englacial conduits
G. Vatne, I. Refnes


General assembly of International Commission "Glacier Caves and Karst in Polar Regions" GLACKIPR
A. Eraso, G. Badino

7th Symposium of UIS International Commission "Glacier Caves and Karst in Polar Regions" GLACKIPR, 6-12 September 2005, 1st Circular, Azau Kabardino-Balkarija (Caucasus) Russia